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Learn CFD using Ansys Fluent

About this course

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods to analyze and solve problems that involve fluid flows.

CFD finds application in a wide range of research and engineering problems including aerodynamics, industrial system design and analysis, biological engineering, fluid flows, IC engine, combustion analysis, turbomachinery etc.

Ansys Fluent software consists of physical models for analysing flow, turbulence, heat transfer, multiphase, and reactions for industrial/research applications. This course is specially designed for students who have no prior knowledge of any CFD software. We will teach you from the basics and will guide you through all the commands and concepts to understand the concepts of CFD. Our hand-on sessions with sample problems will help to boost your confidence level in using Ansys Fluent.

1. Introduction
2. Geometry
3. Meshing
4. Overview on models, boundary conditions, material selection, and post processing
5. Application 1: Analysis of flow through pipe
6. Application 2: Analysis of flow over a cylinder
7. Application 3: Heat transfer analysis of fluid flowing through a heat exchanger
8. Application 4: Multi Phase flow analysis

Duration of the course is 25 hr (1 hr per day). All the sessions will be hands-on sessions.