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About Us

We are a leading training provider in Kerala aimed at improving the software skills amoung the B. Tech. Students. YourTutors is a group of Academicians and Industrialists passionate of providing necessary training and education to enhance the skill among the student community for uplifting their career potential. YourTutors is an ideal platform for B. Tech. students who are passionate of improving their software skills. We also provide guidance and training for doing B. Tech. projects. Our courses are available in both Malayalam and English. All the classes we offer are live classes, which make us unique among our peers. We aims at providing quality education at affordable cost.

The guidance for doing B Tech projects using Ansys or OpenFOAM is been delivered by our Mechanical Engineering team. Apart from doing the projects, we also provide training and certification in Ansys/OpenFOAM to all the project groups at no extra cost.

About the Courses offered

The courses offered by us are related to the softwares like Ansys, Python, OpenFOAM, Scilab, Matlab. All these softwares will help you in your career. These softwares can be used for your B. Tech. Projects, Research works, or in industries. This also adds to the weightage in your resume.

In addition to these courses, we have a special package to learn digital marketing. We have three courses in this field. Digital Marketing - an introductory course. This course will make you understand about digital marketing, and various tools used. Web Analytics - This course will help you to become an expert in analysing website datas. Search Engine Optimisation - This course helps you to find the keywords and optimise the website contents to improve the website traffic. All these courses will help you to find a new career in digital marketing or to market your own products or services by yourself.

All these courses will be delivered through live classes, where you will get hands-on experience.