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Programming using Scilab

About this course

MATLAB is the most popular software used as a high level language among the engineers. It has wide applications in the numerical computation in the fields of mathematics, control systems, statistics, signal processing etc. We have many alternatives to MATLAB, which is freely available for scientific research community. Among them the most prominent open source software is Scilab. It is also a high-level programming language. Scilab has built-in translator For MATLAB user for the smooth transition from MATLAB to Scilab.

This course is designed for beginners in programming. The course provides an introduction about programming, and hand-on training to get an exposure to Scilab. Those who successfully complete this course will become familiar with general concepts of programming with a solid foundation in the use of Scilab.

1. Introduction to Scilab environment
2. Basic matrix operations using scilab
3. Scilab datatypes, variables and constants
4. Plotting in Scilab
5. Solving linear algebraic equations in Scilab
6. Functions and subfunctions
7. Relational and Logical Operators
8. Loops
9. Numerical Methods for Engineers using Scilab
10. Writing your own functions in Scilab.

Duration of the course is 20 hr (1 hr per day). All the sessions will be hands-on sessions.